We create high-powered Shopify eCommerce solutions for luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands.

Shopify Experts & eCommerce Agency.

We specialise in luxury, fashion and lifestyle, working with some of the biggest and fastest growing brands on Shopify.

Sporty & Rich
Shopify Website Design & Email Marketing

Exhibea was brought on to completely reimagine Sporty & Rich and continues to develop and lead digital strategy, conversion rate optimization, technology and creative direction. 

Cult Gaia
Shopify Website Design & Email Marketing

Tasked to update and optimize Cult Gaia's digital experience. With 95% of traffic on mobile, the experience was rigorously thought out and tested with a mobile-first approach.

Urban Wood Goods
Shopify and D2C Strategy

A new e-commerce online destination for reclaimed wood furniture builders, storytellers and memory makers.


Remains Lighting
Shopify Design & Branding

Coming Soon. We created a native-like experience for mobile users that is slick, fast and uncompromising.

Maison Rogue
Shopify Design

The new digital destination reflects the elegance, intricacy, and modern elements of Maison Rogue.

Razavi Collection
Shopify Website Design & Brand Identity

We designed and developed a whole new digital experience for Razavi Collection – a highly interactive and illustrative website that lets users feel the magic of the jewelry brand instantly.

Elder Statesman
Shopify Mobile Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

Thrilled to implement website optimizations and a robust conversion rate strategy for the beloved L.A. based artisanal cashmere brand.

Brand Identity & Shopify Design

Using the Impulse Theme by Archetype Themes we created an e-commerce destination that feels sincere, honest and immersive, yet very chic and intuitive. 

Anaya Home
Shopify Design and Rebrand

We worked on the identity refresh and eCommerce experience to relaunch Anaya as a leader in the home decor space.

Nama Collection
Brand Identity and Shopify Design

NAMA is a mother–daughter range of carefully curated accessories and home furnishings. We launched their eCommerce site on Shopify Plus.

August & June
Brand Identity and Shopify Design

Designed a jewelry destination aimed to support a variety of immersive content, including collections, tutorials, social, video, editorial and eCommerce.

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