Shopify Theme Customization and Design — Focal Theme

Shopify Theme Customization and Design — Focal Theme

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Focal is the perfect Shopify 2.0 theme to beautifully display your brand identity and digital experience. We're excited to offer Shopify merchants with theme customization services for Focal. 

Starting with Focal, our Shopify web designers will customize, design and tailor it to your brand to create an e-commerce store that represents your brand vision. The project includes the creation of the website and includes the homepage, collection pages, product pages, blog and article pages, SEO optimization and includes customizations your store may need.

The theme was designed to highlight technical vision, while being flexible enough to adapt as your brand grows. We frequently work with top brands looking to customize and insert their own personal brand identity to the Focal theme. Our customizations to the Focal theme leads to increased sales, superb user experience and higher conversion rates. With a deep understanding of the code structure of Focal themes, we’ve assisted many Shopify merchants achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations. Our highly experienced Shopify Designers ensures you stay ahead of your customers. 

According to the Shopify theme store, Focal is great for:

  • Editorial content
  • Optimized for longer-form text sections to support brand storytelling
  • High-volume stores
  • Designed for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period
  • Designed to showcase images to support visual brand storytelling

Learn more about the Focal Theme by reading it's reviews and checking out it's features here

Get fully setup and launched today with our full Shopify theme setup service. Contact us to learn more.

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