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Renowned gourmet chocolate brand Compartes Chocolates sought a new flagship site using Shopify that seamlessly blends ultra-bold design with a clean and conversion-focused eCommerce experience. Compartes has been recognized widely over the years by Vogue, Oprah and Bon Appetit. It was critical that the new eCommerce experience should inform, inspire and most of all delight its loyal customer base. 

Exhibea embraced the brief, creating a digital destination that captures customer confidence and in turn, consistently maintains high conversion rate and repeat customer visits. All the design and production elements, including sophisticated product photography, restrained typography, the muted color palette, combine to reinforce the message that Compartes provides the finest quality chocolates.

compartes website design exhibea


Decrease in mobile bounce rate.


Increase in mobile conversion rate.


Increase in average order value.

Typography is modern and approachable with the typeface Avenir used throughout the brand identity. Inspired by classic geometric sans serifs and modernist style, it has carefully-balanced proportions and kerning that allows for a comfortable reading experience at all sizes. We built the new theme on Shopify Plus; Shopify Plus is Shopify's enterprise eCommerce platform for large and growing online stores and brands. It's a hosted platform - customized, secure, and positioned for large, demanding brands.*

Compartes has a large inventory, and they wanted customers to find what they were looking for easily. The team added suggestive search using Shopify 2.0 native search, and updated product filtering options to help serve customers with various and complex preferences. Products can now be sorted through parameters like new items, best sellers, and customer rating, and filtered with categories like chocolate type and flavor. Upsells are encouraged through the cart’s progress bar that indicates the dollar value needed to get free shipping.

“Exhibea was a real pleasure to work with, they understood the Compartes Chocolates brand vision and combined it with eCommerce expertise which resulted in a stand-out site that performs and continues to expand our business.”

compartes website design exhibea

Photography also plays an important role in the brand and eCommerce identity. In addition to showing the chocolate themselves paired with beautiful packaging and unique settings, there are beautifully-styled images of various delicious chocolate creations which appear with accompanying pairings and cart upsells to help increase average order value. The website provides a new platform for the Compartes brand where visitors can get to know the ingredients, order unique gifts and browse through a selection of delicious chocolate.

Exhibea has created a Shopify store for Compartes Chocolate that leaves the consumer in no doubt that this is a fine premium chocolate, crafted with care by a chocolatier with a rich and respected heritage.

Visit Compartes.

compartes website design exhibea

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