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loftie website design

Loftie is a brand dedicated to creating better tech-life balance for people everywhere. They believe technology should be energizing—not draining; designing products that make people feel optimally rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Loftie focuses on supporting healthy sleep because it is one of the most critical elements for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, yet also one of the most undervalued.

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Exhibea established a new eCommerce experience that is dynamic, engaging and inclusive. The team helped create the Loftie user experience and digital design across web and mobile, developing a site hierarchy that is elegant and easy to use.  The project also encompasses brand positioning and messaging that highlights Loftie as a place where customers can immerse themselves in learning about the importance of screen-free relaxation and the world of sleep wellness. The background color is a newspaper-y beige, which gives the site a visual softness akin to ink on newsprint. 

loftie website design

The flexible, varied grid is designed to accommodate a wide range of content without endlessly repeating the layout. With two-thirds of sales coming from mobile traffic, building a flawless mobile site was critical to Loftie’s success. An intuitive user experience, beautiful minimalist design, and incredibly fast speeds are some of the ingredients that keep customers coming back. 



We continue to develop and lead eCommerce. Together with our collaborative clients at Loftie, we have forged a successful partnership.

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