Shopify Theme Customization and Design — Expanse Theme

Shopify Theme Customization and Design — Expanse Theme

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Expanse is a well-crafted, beautifully functional shopping theme for customers, and if it's customized and configured correctly, it can lead to stronger engagement, higher repeat visits and conversion rates for your store. It's perfect for merchants with large inventories who value good design. We're excited to announce that Exhibea has been chosen as an official partner for Archetype Themes, the creators of the new Expanse Theme.

If your curious about learning more about the Expanse Theme, one of our expert developers and designers wrote a review about the theme. Read the review here.

We frequently work with top brands looking to customize and insert their own personal brand identity to the Archetype Expanse theme. One of the main reasons why we rely and trust Archetype Themes is their commitment to light page weight and performance. Page weight & performance is one of the most important components of any optimization strategy. Better performance provides better experiences, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profit.

Our goal is to create a compelling e-commerce experience using the Expanse theme that customers won’t forget with the quickest path to purchase.  We focus on ensuring sites achieve sales goals, ensuring mobile-friendliness, accessibility and a great user experience. With a deep understanding of the code structure of Expanse and other Archetype themes, we’ve assisted many Shopify merchants achieve significant sales growth through theme customizations and third party integrations. Our highly experienced eCommerce team ensures you stay ahead of your customers. Whether you’re planning to switch to an Archetype theme, or looking to optimize your current Archetype theme, Exhibea can support and guide you.

Learn more about the Expanse Theme by reading our comprehensive review and checking out it's features here. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information about our Shopify Expanse theme customization services.


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