Engagement Ring and Lab Diamond Jewelry Website Design

Engagement Ring and Lab Diamond Jewelry Website Design
We were thrilled to work with The Bijou Lab, a sustainable lab diamond and moissanite jewelry brand brought to life by artisans using ethically lab-grown gemstones and 100% recycled gold. Bijou Lab makes elevated moissanite and lab grown gemstone jewelry designed to withstand the test of time and to be loved and lived in. The founder, Michelle, had a vision to create a eCommerce experience that 
clean, minimal, luxurious and allow customers to create their dream rings by offering sophisticated customizations (stone sizes, metal types, add-on customizations, engravings, etc.) directly on the product pages. 
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Exhibea created a brand identity and eCommerce website design inspired by the distinctive design of the jewelry and the collaborative spirit of the line. The brand identity evokes the visual qualities and graphic forms of Bijou's jewelry. The highly visual approach also carries through to the website, which shows off the jewelry with a surrealist sense of surprise, luxury and whimsy. Since it is a new brand, we did not build on Shopify Plus.

Millions of viewers and over 90,000 subscribers, including even seasoned jewelers and gemologists tune into Michelle's educational videos as she demystifies the world of engagement rings.  The brand's beautiful, crisp imagery added to the sumptuous visual feel of the website.
Engagement Ring and Lab Diamond Jewelry Website Design

Our website design and development experts completed the following for Bijou Lab: 

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Product recommendations to increase sales
  • Evocative storytelling elements to weave compelling narratives around its products and infuse a human touch
  • Upsell features
  • Complex customization features to allow customers to create a unique, personalized ring
  • Mobile-optimized design

We built a modern digital flagship that would enhance its luxury standing and connect with jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. We positioned the brand around themes of indulgence and empowerment, allowing customers to customize their dream ring. We were thrilled with the opportunity to work with Bijou Lab, and it was such a pleasure to learn about sustainable diamond alternatives like lab diamonds and moissanite gemstones. We wish them continued success and growth.

Visit Bijou Lab here.


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