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Case Study

A fresh site and a robust customer journey inspired by the game of golf.

Blending classic style with modern fit and performance, Holderness & Bourne makes it easy for customers to look, feel and perform their best.

Each of its products is crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring a long and useful life, and follows the principles of a circular economy. Exhibea created a bespoke 2.0 build to offer a more dynamic experience that showcases their products in a highly engaging and demonstrative fashion. 

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Refresh to search, color swatches & product filtering

Exhibea's Achievements

18% Increase in Mobile Conversion

Post-launch H&B saw a significant increase in conversion rate across the board. They are now seeing a 18% increase in mobile conversion.

3.8% Increase in Average Order Value

Post-launch we are now seeing a +3.8% increase in AOV on mobile. On desktop, an increase in AOV of +5.78%.

Omni-channel Improvement

The new site design resulted in a meaningful improvement to the brand's appeal for the world's leading country clubs, who carry the line in their retail stores.


An exceptional mobile experience


Increasing brand appeal to drive conversions

  • Given technical fabrics are so important to the brand and its customers, we also added a “Shop by Fabric” section on the homepage and the ability to filter/view by fabric type on PDP to make it as simple as possible for customers to find what they are looking for.
  • Gifting is also quite meaningful to the brand, as many of their customers gift golf clothing to loved ones throughout the year. We implemented gift messaging and guides on the homepage, product detail page, and shopping cart page. We designed and built the fully-featured cart which includes slots for upsells and cross-sells for other products in the catalog.
  • Beautiful editorial imagery was carefully placed throughout to weave the brand’s story throughout the shopping experience.
  • Added two “Recommended” sections on PDP - one near the image gallery and one further down the page
  • Featured promo tiles on PLP to cross-sell and promote gifting and additional products

Client Testimonial

“Working with Exhibea has been an exciting and seamless journey. We were originally looking for a branding/creative agency who could help us achieve what our vision was. Instead, we found a partner who brought all the eCommerce expertise under one roof to help build a new online experience whilst connecting to our heritage roots.

Exhibea executed the vision perfectly and provided nothing short of exceptional quality in the work that they delivered. Working closely with Bita and her team, we felt that they were an extension of our internal team and delivered what was promised and beyond.

Amy Snead, Holderness & Bourne

The end result is a stunning, award-winning website that is a pleasure to navigate and easy to buy from.

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