A Reimagined Online Store for Aureum by Cass Dimicco

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A Shopify Website Redesign for Aureum

Whether it’s a sentimental necklace to remind us of our loved ones or a playful ring that brings joy to our days, Aureum’s tried-and-true jewelry and accessories are the backbone of our wardrobes.  The sort of jewelry you put on and never take off.
Think of Aureum as the only accessory you need to reach for in the morning, and a little dose of daily luxury. 

After making waves in the accessories industry with their luxurious gold vermeil jewelry and approach to e-commerce, luxury jewelry brand Aureum had big ambitions to continue this trajectory and take their shopping experience to the next level. 

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Smoother product data management and increased flexibility of content were also important aspects of the brief. Exhibea was a natural fit for the job given their longstanding, fruitful relationship with Shopify merchants in the jewelry industry and established expertise in re-platforming and beautifying websites. On the design side, an elegant and elevated feel was achieved by focusing on product storytelling that appeals to the senses, fitting given the nature of the brand’s luxurious offering. They decided speed had a big part to play in creating this experience and set out to create something modern, snappy and highly-customisable.

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Introducing a new luxurious design

In our quest to convey the essence of the Aureum brand, the team at Exhibea infused the website with a touch of simple elegance, guided by typography and art direction that truly embodies the heart and soul of Aureum. We introduced a range of growth features, including detailed information about gold vermeil, captivating scroll animations, and dynamic product detail pages, all designed to elevate the online shopping experience to a level befitting the beauty of Aureum's exceptional jewelry. We've also unveiled exciting new options, such as upsells throughout the site, size guides, a conversion-focused cart, quick shop, sticky add to cart and curated selections for seamless shopping. 

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Interactive content sections to streamline the management of Product Detail Pages (PDPs)

The product pages leverage content modules that enable dynamic information display tailored to each product. This ensures a uniform aesthetic across various Product Detail Pages (PDPs), as only pertinent information is showcased while irrelevant details remain hidden. From an administrative perspective, this simplifies and enhances the flexibility of PDP updates, especially when specific pieces undergo modifications or feature changes.

A visual and intuitive navigation was added to the collections menu page for easier browsing and opportunities for product discovery, while lifestyle images were integrated into product display pages to bring more stylistic context into each jewelry category landing page. We also created a shoppable magazine portion for Aureum's captivating editorial photoshoots in exotic locations like Lake Como, South of France, India and Paris. 

Visit Aureum.com.

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aureum shopify store

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