What Does a Shopify Developer do? Everything You Need to Know.

What Does a Shopify Developer Do

Many Shopify merchants are looking for a Shopify developer, but not quite sure how to go about pinpointing the right one for their project. It’s integral for your online business to properly vet and hire a Shopify developer. In this Shopify developer guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

E-commerce business owners need to balance many priorities and tasks to keep their online store running smoothly. More importantly, their focus needs to be on marketing, merchandising, designing great products and generating sales. A Shopify developer can help relieve merchants of having to worry about website development and a variety of technical glitches that can arise during the course of operating a Shopify store.

Why you should hire a Shopify developer

Shopify developers specialize in web development for Shopify websites exclusively. Shopify developers usually start out as front-end web developers specializing in the coding languages of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Once they are well-versed in those languages, they add the coding language of Shopify, called Liquid, to their skillset. When looking for a Shopify developer, they should be experts in liquid.  This means that they have unique insights and development experience compared to developers that don’t specialize in working on Shopify projects. 

It's imperative that they understand how Shopify works, and have extensive knowledge of payment gateways, conversion optimization, the best Shopify apps to use, navigation, inventory systems and checkout logic. Not only that, but site speed should also be a priority, since that's an important part of the e-commerce experience for consumers, and often is the biggest factor for the drive to purchase. Shopify developers ensure that the website works perfectly on all devices and browsers, and they go through rigorous testing before launch.

What to look out for in a Shopify developer

We recommend that Shopify developers use version control, have an extensive knowledge of the platform’s API, and a robust understanding of jQuery, JavaScript, Mobile User Experience & Liquid.

A good vetting question for a potential Shopify developer: "Are you familiar with the Shopify liquid cheat sheet"?

Apart from these essentials, you should also try to find a developer that has experience with: 

  • Theme Customization & Development
  • Slideshow images
  • Navigation and sub-menu
  • Products Categories
  • Connect your store with domain and e-mail
  • Setting up SSL Secure Certificate
  • Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Optimize Homepage title, Images and Meta Description for SEO
  • Install apps like Livechat, customer reviews
  • Link with social networks
  • Connect domain and email marketing system
  • Best Shopify Apps for your store needs
  • Product & Collection Uploads

Discuss the goal and website project with your Shopify developer

Make sure you are super clear and transparent about what the requirements of your project are. Write it down and submit it to people you are getting offers from. Your budget will quickly guide how much of these assets you are going to create versus use existing assets (both creative and web development).

I'd start with a budget that you think is reasonable to get your store up and running and find a designer/developer within your budget that has a good track record of happy customers. Ask for websites they've built, and ask them to discuss the projects. A ton of vital information can be discovered by what their previous clients say. 

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