Make Your Shopify Website Wholesale Friendly With This Simple App

Our clients came to us with a simple request - allow a segment of their products in their Shopify store to be only accessible to members of the trade, which is a common aspect of the home furnishings/interior design world. In other words, make wholesale products available to certain buyers, but not all visitors. Native wholesale integration is only available with Shopify Plus customers, so we had to get creative and choose the perfect Shopify app to enable this in an organized and easy-to-use manner for our client. 

We try to avoid using Bold apps because their code is very bloated, it's hard to manage and slows down websites, in our experience. We considered using Locksmith, but it didn't have the login functionality we were looking for. We decided the best approach would be to use an app called "Login to View Price". It worked flawlessly. Here's how it works:

Best Shopify Wholesale App-Instructions

 1. Allow all customers to view products/collections, but only registered wholesale buyers are allowed to purchase.

2. The app only allows logged in wholesale customers to purchase. The store manager needs to use Shopify tags to tag registered customers - in our case, we used the tag "wholesale".

3. This way, all customers can view the products available for sale, but only registered wholesale customers can make the purchase.

4. Other customers are still allowed to shop products that are meant for the general public.


In our opinion, this is the cleanest and simplest way to integrate wholesale functionality into your Shopify store. Here's the app we used: Login to View Price

We always strive to accomplish complicated functionality in a simple manner before we use Apps that everyone else is using. Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments!

-Team Exhibea

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