Luxury Brands Using Shopify Plus: Top 10

In the new age of commerce, Shopify Plus has risen as the obvious choice for luxury brands in terms of  eCommerce platforms. Consumers are calling the shots, and when visiting an eCommerce store, they expect a beautiful user experience, accessible but unobtrusive customer support and creative content on product pages. More importantly, they are seeking for brands that stand for inclusion, diversity, and showing real life, as opposed to an "aspirational" life.  Merchants aim to please site visitors with the hope of creating brand evangelists who return again and again for new and thrilling experiences.
At Exhibea, we are constantly surveying the digital landscape and looking for Shopify Plus websites that are mobile-first, stand for inclusion and creative. We look for brands who want to foster a future for their customers that prioritizes balance, fulfillment, and purpose. Below, you will find our current slate of favorite mobile websites for luxury brands using Shopify.

Pangaia Website Design Shopify
Beauty Luxury Shopify Website
beauty luxury shopify website
Cult Gaia
Cult Gaia Website designer
Parade Underwear
diverse models shopify
thakoon shopify luxury website
Mara Hoffman
fashion luxury shopify website
Irene Neuwirth
luxury jewelry website designer
Equal Parts (created by our favorite branding firm, Gin Lane Agency)

New in 2022:
shopify plus lenny kravitz

From Musician Superstar, Lenny Kravitz, a New Oral Care Dental Brand, Twice

If you’ve come across any other great luxury brands using Shopify Plus, let us know about them and we’ll add them to this list.  Looking to build or redesign your Shopify website? Check out the Exhibea Website.

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