Luxury Brands & Retailers Using Shopify: Top 25 — Part 2 (Updated in 2024)

luxury brands using shopify plus


The most important piece of brand communication today for luxury brands is not a fashion campaign, or store windows, or a beautiful Instagram grid. It’s the eCommerce website. eCommerce websites are the new nexus of a brand’s innovativeness and differentiation. Luxury and premium brands have always been at the forefront of fashion and technology. With the rise of e-commerce, these brands have had to adapt their traditional brick and mortar stores to the digital space. However, finding the right platform to showcase their products has been a challenge.

Enter Shopify Plus - the platform that has taken the luxury and premium brand world by storm. From its simplicity to its focus on the front-end, Shopify Plus has proven to be a reliable solution for luxury brands looking to establish their online presence. According to Statista’s Luxury Goods Report, online luxury sales are “projected to grow at twice the market rate and capture 18% of all sales revenue by 2023.” Where can luxury fashion ecommerce brands place their bets to drive sales in a crowded eCommerce space? It's imperative that luxury brands create beautifully functional shopping experience for customers - which can lead to to stronger engagement, improved repeat visits and higher conversion rates.

This post highlights how you can position your luxury brand for success among consumers. We showcase websites who creatively engage their customers, make a bold statement and surprise the world. Here are some examples of luxury brands and retailers that stand out and shine using Shopify and Shopify Plus. Queue the inspiration! 

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1. Hill House Home
hill house home shopify design

Category: Home Goods & Fashion Shopify Website
Our take: Hill House Home a New York based direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand known for its bedding and bath products. Recently a report from Fast Company stated that the clothing company sold $1 million of its bestselling Nap Dress in just 12 minutes, and acquired more revenue than it had made in the entire year of 2019 in just one day.

2. Lunya

Lunya Shopify Website Design

Category: Fashion Shopify Website

3. Baboon To The Moon

Lunya Website Design

Category: Fashion & Accessories Shopify Website

4. Dally

Dally Website Design

Category: Beauty and Wellness Shopify Website

5. Oui Jean Dousset

Oui Jean Dousset Website Design

Category: Luxury Jewelry Shopify Website


luxury fashion website design

Category: Luxury Fashion Shopify Website


shopify fashion website

Category: Luxury Fashion Shopify Website

8. Skims

skims shopify website design

Category: Luxury Athleisure and Loungewear Shopify Website

9. Sporty & Rich

sporty and rich website design

10. Burberry

burberry luxury fashion

Category: Luxury Fashion Shopify Website

11. Fear of God

luxury shopify website

Category: Men's Clothing

12. Charlotte Tilbury

Category: Beauty eCommerce, Luxury Makeup

13. Veloretti Bikes

Category: Bikes, Outdoor

14. Spoiled Child

beauty shopify website

Category: Beauty eCommerce website, unique design and layout

15. Jean Paul Gaultier

luxury ecommerce website

Category: eCommerce Fashion Website

16. Pratesi

luxury ecommerce website

Category: Luxury home goods, linens e-commerce

17. Toteme Studio

luxury ecommerce website

Category: Contemporary women's clothing

18. Tiffany's & Co

luxury ecommerce website

Category: Luxury jewelry e-commerce website

19. Maisonette

luxury ecommerce website

Category: Kid's clothing and maternity clothing e-commerce

20. Manolo Blahnik

luxury ecommerce website

Category: Women's luxury shoes

21. Soft Services

Category: Beauty Shopify Luxury Website

21. Byredo

shopify luxury website

Category: Beauty Luxury Shopify Website


Fashion Luxury Shopify Website

Category: Fashion Luxury Shopify Website

23. Brunello Cucinelli

shopify fashion men website


Category: Shopify Fashion Men Website

24. Isabel Marant

Fashion Luxury Shopify Website


Category: Fashion Luxury Shopify Website

25. Loro Piana

fashion luxury website design


Category: Fashion Luxury Shopify Website 

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If you’ve come across any other great luxury brands using Shopify Plus, let us know about them and we’ll add them to this list.  Looking to build or redesign your Shopify Plus Website? Check out the Exhibea Website.

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