How to Create an FAQ for your Shopify Store (Directions + Examples)

An FAQ page (frequently asked questions) is crucial for your eCommerce store. Your FAQ page isn't simply for answering typical queries about your company. That's only part of the story. When done correctly, a FAQ section may be a beneficial addition to your website that serves various objectives, including:
  • Alleviating product questions or worries that your product page content does not immediately address
  • Answering unaddressed user questions and concerns
  • Discussing your shipping and return policy (common concerns for online customers)
  • Reducing the pressure on customer service by openly answering frequently asked questions
  • Improving Search Engine Optimization and Site Navigation
  • Developing trust through storytelling, delving deeper into your product and discussing your business model
  • Preventing client complaints, establishing trust and increasing customer retention

Examples of great FAQ pages from Shopify Plus stores:

Faq on a product page:

Additionally, many users will dig deeper and begin looking for links to “About” pages and the FAQs, both in an attempt to answer basic questions (e.g., “What is this site, and what does it sell?”) as well as more specific ones (“Are the products paraben free?”). An FAQ on the product page is a great idea, especially for more expensive or luxury products. Or products where people generally don't know the brand, or are generally more conscious about specific parameters of the product (natural ingredients, for example, or "made in America," or "sustainable," etc).

Would you like to add an FAQ page to your Shopify store? Here is an example that you can send your developer to create an accessible and SEO friendly FAQ page:

An example of a well-designed FAQ page for our Shopify Plus Client: 

FAQ for your Shopify Store

Shopify sites have many daunting tasks facing them when it comes to perfecting the user experience. They must introduce the brand to users, place the brand and products in as an appealing light, avoid confusing customers, and provide them with substantial brand and product information — all without overwhelming users with too much content. An FAQ is a crucial tool to help your customers and improve your store performance.

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