What's the Difference Between Shopify and Shopify Plus? — 7 Benefits

Shopify Plus is the enterprise version of Shopify, offering a ton of wonderful capabilities and automations that help take your online store to a superior level. Below are some of the key benefits of Shopify Plus.

1. Shopify Flow

One of our favorite Shopify Plus features is called Shopify Flow. Once set up, this app will fully automate jobs that previously needed to be done manually. It's specifically built to allow fast-moving merchants the time to focus on the bigger picture. Take stock control as an example; monitoring the levels of products and then reordering from different suppliers can be a time staking process which in large companies eats into productivity. Shopify Plus can not only keep track of inventory, but automatically re-order directly with your supplier.

2. Dedicated Support 

On joining Shopify Plus, merchants also have access to their own dedicated support & success team, who provide insider guidance, industry trends and strategic coaching. Shopify call these Merchant Success Managers (MSM’s) and they're a single port-of-call for account enquiries and business-as-usual support.

3. Customized Checkout

Keep consistency across your user experience by being able to edit the look and feel of the checkout to improve brand interaction. Non-plus merchants do not have the ability to customize or alter the checkout. With Plus you are given a lot more access to custom codes and scripts which allows you more freedom with personalizing experiences for customers.

4. Cloning Your Store

With Shopify Plus, you are granted 9 free clone stores that allow you to tailor your brand and marketing experience to different languages, cultures, and currencies. This is also great if you're working on a redesign or new features. This is huge for companies expanding internationally, allowing or hyper targeted brand messaging and marketing.

5. Dedicated Wholesale Channel 

Shopify Plus comes out of the box with a wholesale channel that allows designated customers (e.g. wholesale customers) access to a separate, password protected, B2B store. In this wholesale channel you can add tiered pricing levels, bulk discounts, shipping rules, and review/edit orders before sending an invoice. 

6. Shopify Scripts

Another Shopify Plus feature designed to help businesses grow fast is the Shopify Script Editor. This tool allows merchants to deliver powerful promotional campaigns designed to drive conversion, and ultimately more sales. You can appeal to customers with ease by integrating offers like custom pricing, free shipping or promotions - all of which is automatically added to a user's order without having to enter a discount code. This can remove unnecessary friction from a shopping experience, eliminating high cart abandonment rates. 

7. The Launchpad

Launchpad is a smart promotional tool that comes with Shopify Plus giving merchants the ability to easily automate all of the necessary steps to execute a successful product launch or sales campaign. This includes the ability to schedule bulk changes to your store as well as create limited release product collections.

Get Started With Shopify Plus Today

At Exhibea we work on large eCommerce migration and replatforming projects all the time. For more information on migrating to Shopify Plus, feel free to get in touch with one of our directors at the firm — by either email or phone.


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