How Do You Write an Effective Product Description for Shopify?

Writing an effecting product description involves creativity, thoughtfulness and strategy. When composing a description, as yourself what makes it special, and why someone might want to spend a little extra on this product over a competitor. You can read some great examples of product descriptions from the official Shopify blog here. The description should include the following:

  • Show off its features and benefits
  • Meet the specific objections & needs of the customer
  • Help them make a more informed decision

Our Tips for An Effective Product Description

1. Enticing Main Image - it's the first touchpoint that helps customers decide whether to look further or not. Make sure it's a photo that is compelling and shows your product clearly.

2. Include a Descriptive Product Title - The product title should contain all the required information about the product and help visitors easily understand the product.

3. Clear ATC Button - We recommend a full-width CTA button (add to cart), that has top and bottom padding. It should stand out!  It needs to be the most prominent element on the page and should be a contrasting color to the rest of the elements on the page. Here is a great example of an ideal button: 

4. Product Price - When customers are ready to buy your item, they should clearly understand what the price is. Having the price needs to be in the same frame as your key action, and clearly visible.  Price comparisons are a retail move that more DTC brands need to use. If your product has a price advantage, communicate it.

5. Display Shipping Information
Based on Baymard's user experience research on e-commerce, 64% of visitors look for shipping information on the product page, so make sure your policy is included. 

6. Reviews Reviews are critical to building instant trust. They help brands collect feedback and evolve + they help new customers understand the benefits without marketing fluff. Make sure your display text is higher contrast (black on white) to meet accessibility standards. Our clients have been recently using the Shopify Review App called Junip because of it's flexible integrations with Klaviyo. Check them out here.
loftie reviews

7. Reassurance statement
Finish off with a little reassurance statement beneath the add to cart button. Something that reduces the stress of spending money (like saving money on shipping , and saving the environment. Here is an example with a warranty guarantee from our cycling attire client, Pedal Mafia

So, how does one write content for product detail pages?

  1. Determine what goals you want the content to address. What objections do customers have as they visit your PDPs, and what can you do to address them?
  2. Figure out the data model. What bits of content will you be putting on a product detail page? Do you need a flat list of features? A summary? A subheading? Content underneath the main description? In what ways will this change from product to product?
  3. Plan what products to write for. Start with your best-selling products, and work your way down. Some long-tail products may not need custom content.
  4. Write & insert. I like using spreadsheets for this purpose, for they ensure that you have the right content planned for the right places. In the cases of imagery, pasting URLs to files will do.
The goal here is twofold: to create a great experience when browsing products, and to address objections that the customer might have before closing a sale. If you need help in writing your descriptions, hiring a copywriter may be a good investment. Detailed product descriptions are also helpful in boosting your SEO rank. We came across the SCRIPT framework for writing description, by a Conversion Rate Optimization specialist, that is worth checking out, with tips that include: 

"Does your product page tell a captivating story about how your product improves someone's situation? No, it doesn't have to start with "once upon a time" but it needs to talk about the positive outcomes your product will achieve for them."
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