Glossier and Supreme Relaunch eCommerce Stores on Shopify Plus

Glossier and Supreme Relaunch eCommerce Stores on Shopify


Despite the outlook for next year (and beyond) continuing to look a little rocky for eCommerce sales, one thing we do know is that technology is here to stay and it’s going to have a large impact on the Shopify merchant community. Shopify Plus is a well-supported platform that is easy to scale, making it a great fit for flash sales and ecommerce-focused merchants. With millions of merchants using its core platform to sell online, Shopify is expertly positioned to share insight on the importance of customer-centric strategies to generate sell-through and foster brand loyalty. Shimona Mehta, Shopify’s managing director, states: “We are seeing the growth rates of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and direct-to-consumer converging again, we believe this next wave of retail is what we call ‘connect to consumer’. Truly and deeply understanding your customers — using data to build long-term relationships — is going to be paramount.” 



Glossier, one of the leading beauty brands in the direct to consumer space, and Supreme, the leading streetwear brand, migrated to Shopify Plus in late 2022. This move signals brands that want to create pathways for scale unburdened by technical debt. Consumers have a deep affinity for these brands, so moving to Shopify enables them to do more while focusing on the customer experience, usability improvements and a more refined back-end solution. It's imperative that brands focus on data in order to provide an optimal customer experience. Sometimes a combination of platform reliability, intuition and insights can go a long way.

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Furthermore, by taking advantage of Shopify Plus' checkout capabilities, Supreme customized a One-Step checkout, allowing for a smoother checkout experience and higher conversion rates. Often times, ine page checkout is simple and provides all information upfront for customers (shipping and payment methods), unlike multi-step checkout — where purchasing a product takes longer time. Having one page checkout can increase conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment.

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Visit Glossier on Shopify Plus

Visit Supreme on Shopify Plus

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