Best Shopify Apps to Customize and Personalize Your Products in 2023

Best Shopify Apps for Customization

With a true wealth of apps in the Shopify App Store, you have so many options for extending your product pages’ functionality. Sometimes you need to let your customers customize a product before checkout. Maybe you offer monograms or need a place to let customers upload a file or want to let them choose from a list of custom options. The list is endless, and unfortunately, so are the solutions. With so many options to choose from, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight 6 of the best Shopify apps for customizing your products that retailers and merchants can add to their store.

1. Live Product Options by Cloudlift

Starting with our top choice, Live Product Options gives Shopify store-owners the ability to add an unlimited amount of price add-on options. These unlimited options for personalizing products make a world of difference. People who sell prints or other artwork will see the most advantage of this add-on. It also happens to be the fastest Shopify app, using the most up-to-date technology. The pros of Live Product Options don’t end there as it doesn’t modify any of your theme code besides one file, which avoids many chances for confusing nights scanning over your theme code wondering what went wrong. It also uses Shopify Draft orders, is extremely affordable, and is made with great attention to detail. The developer even offers hands-on service and will even help you in setting up your options. The user reviews back up these claims in droves, one user writing, “Works flawlessly, fast and has many options. Also THE BEST support!.”

App Highlights:

● Live Preview Function ● Support for Differing Variant Options with Unique Pictures ● Visual Swatches for Options ● Conditional Logic Support See it in action on our client Le Rose’s eCommerce store. We used it to help with the customization of bridal robes and sleepwear.

2. Infinite Product Options by Hulkapps

This second app has a similar function to our first pick while being the most robust and most downloaded app on our list. Infinite Product Options is easy to install and easier to use. Personalize your products with, dare we say it, infinite product options and ways to showcase different add-ons and their prices. Not to be outdone, it also comes stocked with a great-looking color swatch feature that is sure to get the job done. While not the most flashy app, it does give users the ability to upload files and use custom text boxes.

App Highlights:

● Unlimited Product Options(It’s true!) ● Color Swatches ● Allows for Product Discounts in Cart ● File Upload Feature We used it for our client, Ahida Coreale, in their store if you would like to see how it looks.

3. Product Personalizer by Zepto Apps

This next app seeks to offer solutions to many of your custom item needs. While there are plenty of great options for customizing products on the Shopify app marketplace, we found Product Personalizer to lack a lot of what makes those other options excel. It offers all the functionality that you could want from a product customization app with a tradeoff in the form of extended load times. It has a lot going for it as it has a robust amount of customization options and comes packed with a great live preview feature that we liked. However, it doesn’t work with drawer or ajax carts unless you request assistance which we thought was a real disappointment. It still proves to be a helpful tool for e-commerce designers, albeit an app with caveats.

App Highlights:

● Full Offering of Custom Options ● Great Live Preview Feature ● Slow Load Times ● Not Compatible with Drawer/Ajax Carts

4. Bold Product Options by Bold

Moving on to Bold Product Options by Bold, and bold these options are indeed. This app offers a lot of support for customizing your product pages. An option that is unique to this bold offering is that you can link other products to the options of another item with it. This feature allows for easier bundling of products which is a massive advantage for an e-commerce designer. While this is useful, it can be trickier to execute and is only for those with significant technical skills. It also adds a lot of modifications to your code which can slow down your website and be a pain to fix if something goes wrong. That being said, if you have the technical know-how, this could be a very useful tool for you.

App Highlights:

● Unique Product Option Linking ● Edit Items From the Cart ● e-Commerce Web Development Experience Needed ● Incredibly Popular

5. Advanced Product Options by Mageworx

Don’t be scared by the name of this next app. Advanced Product Options does offer an additional level of customizing your Shopify products but is far from difficult to use. This app provides a standard amount of options (Which is to say a lot!) and the unique feature of linking the options themselves. One user wrote, “This is the best app out there to bypass the limitation of Shopify's 100 variant limitation.” This means that if selecting the color green for a product and there are only specific style options for green, then a new list of options will appear. This works great for people selling apparel or prints that might have different offerings depending on the first selection. The app is fast and works great. So great that we used it for our client, Elder Statesman. Check them out to see the app in action.

App Highlights:

● Addition of Personal Rules ● Options with Conditional Logic ● Easy to Use ● No Live Preview Feature

6. Custom Product Options by W3trends

This next app picks many of the features of other apps on this list and combines them to offer an app that is very easy to use. It doesn’t take any of these features to the next level, but for Shopify store-owners looking for a simple and easy-to-use alternative that doesn’t require intense knowledge of e-commerce web design, this might be for you. Another nifty feature of this app is that it will visually display that an item is out of stock. One less thing to worry about is always a plus. The easiness of use is frequently mentioned in user reviews. One user notes, “I would give this app 10 stars if I could... There are tons of quick how to articles and video tutorials to help you get the hang of using all the features.”

App Highlights:

● Unlimited Options ● Add-On Pricing ● Live Preview Feature ● Easy to Use

Do you have simple, customizable options you want to add to your store? You can do so without using an app, with the help of a developer using the Shopify UI Generator.


Looking to customize your cart or adding upsell options? We highly recommend checking out Rebuy. Rebuy can put a level of polish on your store that will be sure to impress buyers and keep them coming back in droves!

App Highlights:

● Uses User Data to Optimize Shopify Stores ● Personalize Cart Appearance and Function ● Adds Useful Upselling Options ● Automated Customer Follow-Up Feature Do you have simple, customizable options you want to add to your store? You can do so without using an app, with the help of a developer using the Shopify UI Generator.

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