10 Klaviyo Workflows For Your Shopify Store

From influencer marketing, SMS text messaging, to chatbots and AI, the way companies communicate with their customers has changed dramatically in recent years. Despite all these developments, you simply can't beat good old-fashioned e-mail marketing. After all, did you know that 99% of consumers check their emails daily?

So we know that e-mail is important, but it is also very time-consuming to put together campaigns, target them, schedule them - and that's where automated flows come in! Today we’re looking at 10 flows on Klaviyo you can implement that’ll save you time and start bringing in extra revenue.

1. Welcome series

One of the most basic and essential workflows your brand needs is basic - hello to new subscribers! Send a series of 3-5 emails, introducing your brand, tell your story, introduce popular products, and build social proof.

2. Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart emails have high conversion rates: people open 45 percent of cart abandonment emails, people click on 21 percent of emails, and 50 percent of users who click to make a purchase. All in all, cart abandonment emails have a purchase rate of slightly higher than 10%. This means the implementation of abandoned shopping cart email automation can only help you convert more customers that you would otherwise have lost, for whatever reason.

Some shoppers will add an item to their shopping cart without the intention of ultimately completing their purchase, whether they have found another option they like better or simply decide they do not need the product at the moment. But for many, that’s not necessarily the case. There are plenty of distractions when people surf online, so if there is a chance to win back shoppers with a simple email, why not?

3. Browse abandonment

Like abandoned cart, these are customers who viewed a product but didn't necessarily add to their cart. Capturing data for browse abandonment requires a little extra work on your end, but it's not too arduous. These customers aren't necessarily interested in purchasing, so treat this as a lighter touch point compared to your abandoned cart flow. Use these emails to demonstrate the value and features of the products they were viewing, and suggest similar or best-selling products.

4. Customer Winback Flow

A crucial component of customer life-cycle marketing, the customer win back flow should be configured. An important customer segment that needs urgent attention is the group of inactive customers who have only made one purchase in their e-commerce store or have not performed one in a long time.
Win-back campaigns can be successful in reclaiming these lost customers.

Marketing automation sequences aim to give "sleeping" customers a little poke on the shoulder. Wake customers up and convince them to buy from your e-commerce store again. Understand the time frame for your own customer life cycle, whether customers tend to return every 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or beyond. This is an excellent time to offer a discount or incentive.

5. New customer thank you

It’s always important when a new customer places their first order, so make sure you let them know you appreciate it! Send a personalized thank-you to customers along with some follow-up emails hoping they appreciate their purchase, and suggesting products similar or complementary to their purchase. You can also set up a similar flow for starting a subscription for the first time.

6. Repeat customer thank you

Make your repeat customers feel special by sending them a more specialized email confirming that they have returned to buy a second time. Whether it's because they subscribed to a product or they've come back and bought something new, they deserve the love.

7. Back in stock

If you work with items you have in stock regularly, this flow is an absolute must. We set this flow up for our retail customers, Sporty and Rich, Cult Gaia and Elder Statesman, with great success. Let customers sign up for restock notifications when an item goes back in stock. It also helps build out your email list. This one will require a bit of coding, but your developer should implement into your product template.

8. Product review/cross-sell

This point of contact is ideal for customers who have placed an order but have not yet submitted a review. You can connect your review app to Klaviyo as long as there is an integration (a quick Google search usually tells you whether there is an integration). Ask them to review what they recently purchased and show off some complementary products they may like from their purchase.

9. Sunset unengaged subscribers

You pay per subscriber to your mailing list, so it is wise to regularly clean up your mailing list and make sure those who receive emails actually want to receive them. Doing this will not only potentially re-engage old customers/subscribers but also help reduce monthly costs for using Klaviyo.

A general rule of thumb is that you want to create a segment for customers who have subscribed for more than 90 days and have not opened or clicked on an e-mail in the last 90 days. But make sure you're also ensuring they've opened any email. They should've engaged at least once at some point.

10. First purchase anniversary

Send an email 365 days after your first purchase to celebrate this momentous occasion. Okay, so it's more momentous for you than it is for them, but it's a fine way to check in with your customers and re-engage them. Consider offering a discount code to celebrate.

Need more ideas? Check out this great blog with more flow ideas: https://www.retentioncommerce.com/insights/

Explore Klaviyo flows here: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000312411-Flows

Check out our Klaviyo email design services here: https://exhibea.com/products/ecommerce-klaviyo-email-design

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