Shopify Brand Identity

Shopify Brand Identity

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Build a recognizable brand for your Shopify store by defining your brand personality and positioning. Brands are living, breathing things, in constant dialogue with culture.  A strong brand identity gives brand recognition, differentiation, consistency and loyalty. 

What is brand identity? You can think of your brand identity as the personality of your business. You determine what your brand is about, and we communicate that by designing a logo and the tangible materials that complete your brand. Strong brands outperform the market. Companies that invested in their brands marked 67 percent above-average organic revenue growth and 70 percent above average total return to shareholders. A clear and compelling brand story provides context and narrative for products, which can help them become more desirable. When a brand introduces a product, it's also selling a story. Consumers are buying into this story when considering a purchase. 

What are the building blocks of a strong brand?

  • A resonant “why we exist” story. When your core audience hears this story they should nod their heads and think “Yeah, you're right!”
  • The brand's origin story is relevant to the times we live in. The story could exist in opposition to the zeitgeist or work to capture it.
  • A well-defined target customer. Does not try to be everything to everyone.
  • A product that speaks to a true need or pain point of the target customer.
  • A consistent visual identity that provides “wiggle room” for expression on various platforms. If the language of the platform is too far from the visual language of the brand, the brand foregoes the platform.
  • Memorable written or visual hooks that feel purposeful. This can be a logo, a tagline, or another signature.

What is the discovery process of a brand project? 5 important questions to consider.

  • Bring back the spark that started it all—Where did this idea first come to you? Take me back to the moment you decided to start Company X.
  • Invite yourself to reminisce on the journey—What were the early days like? What’s changed since then? What were the defining moments or decisions that made Company X what it is today?
  • Connect with the "target audience" on an individual level—Whose day-to-day life will change if we’re successful? How do we want them to feel about us?
  • Imagine the future—What will we be remembered for? What kind of legacy will we leave behind? What is the movement we're building?
  • Celebrate the team they’ve built—Why is this the best team to execute on this vision? What values or character traits make this team so special?

Would you like to learn more about the importance of branding? Read more: Why is Branding Important for your Shopify Store?

Please email to discuss pricing and options. At Exhibea, all creative, design, development, and engineering is proudly kept in-house, which provides our clients with the rare and valuable opportunity to work seamlessly with the same team from sign-on to launch. The fee depends on project scope. We offer transparent flat rate pricing. Please contact us to discuss the goals and needs of your project in more detail.

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