The Anatomy of an SEO-Friendly Shopify Blog Post

SEO (AKA Search Engine Optimization) is an integral part of ensuring that your Shopify website is visible and searchable in the digital world. Google has become such an important daily tool for consumers  — we have a few simple tips we'd like to share with you to ensure that the content you write for your blogs, product descriptions and pages are SEO-friendly. 
The Anatomy of an SEO-Friendly Shopify Blog Post

1. Optimize your image alt text for Shopify product pages, blog posts, and anywhere you insert photos. 

  • 5-8 words for an image alt text is considered best practice
  • While your first priority should be describing and providing context to the image, try to include primary and secondary keywords to improve your keyword frequency.
  • Keep descriptions clear
  • Don’t use the same keywords for all images. They may be similar, but change up the wording—use variations.
  • Include your keywords in the file name of the image. Instead of promo1.jpg,change this to aviator-sunglasses-for-men.jpg.

2. Navigation links matter

  • Links in the header navigation get more weight than ones in the footer. Move any information-related pages like “Return Policy” or “Contact Us” to the footer to make way for more conversion-focused links in the header.
  • Breadcrumb navigation is a list of links that show a customer what page they’re on and any pages "above" a store's content. It also helps Googlebots better understand the website hierarchy. 

to be continued...


Do you have any SEO tips for your Shopify store? Let us know in the comments!

-Team Exhibea


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